air-qualityIndoor Air Quality Assurance

The Benefits
Want to prevent mold, bacteria, viruses, mildew, odors, algae and slime in your home? Are you struggling with allergies or sinus irritations that cause your eyes to water and nose to run? Are you concerned about offensive odors and air pollution in your home?

Air Purification is the newest tool to be used to improve indoor air quality. Similar to the lights that barbers, dentists, and doctors use to sterilize their instruments; these lights are designed to kill what’s growing in the drain pan, and what’s growing on the surface of the coil.

These lights will kill the source of numerous allergens that people did not know existed. The light shines on the inside of the air handler, in front and the back of the coil, 24 hours a day. The Air Purification combined with a good filter system will greatly improve the quality of air in either a home or business.