IMG_0640.JPGNew A/C Installations

Why Buy Now?
New technology has developed high efficiency systems that use very little electricity and are up to 300% more efficient compared to older systems that the money you save on energy bills alone will actually allow the system to pay for itself over a very short period of time.

We believe that purchasing a new air conditioning and heating system should not be a frustrating experience.We will provide you with all the information necessary to make a sound decision and we will install a system designed to provide you with maximum efficiency, complete comfort and years of reliability at a great price. You can call our office today for a FREE no obligation evaluation of your air conditioner. We’ve been in business since 2001 and our knowledge of the most reliable brands and models will make your decision easier.

Additionally, our comfort specialist will perform a thorough professional evaluation of your home and A/C system and will recommend a system and layout that meets your families needs so that we may install the most energy efficient and affordable system to fit your budget. Our installation specialist will perform a professional, quality installation. The techniques used will insure that maximum comfort and efficiency is achieved as DS Air Conditioning, Inc. performs all installations to meet manufacturer’s specification while taking into account proper airflow, duct size, and refrigerant lines, and each installer has been properly trained to do just that.