Preventive-HVAC-MaintenanceYearly Preventative Maintenance

How DS Air Conditioning, Inc. Can Save You Money
A well maintained air conditioning system will run smoothly, efficiently and is far less likely to break down. Plus, electric usage could be reduced by as much as 20-50%!

Here in South Florida, our air conditioner is one of our most precious appliances. We depend on it each and every day to provide cool, efficient, and clean air. Neglecting our air conditioner until it breaks is a recipe for high electric bills and costly repair bills. You can trust, DS Air Conditioning, Inc., with the expertise you need to get your air conditioning system running correctly and efficiently. We offer yearly scheduled maintenance agreements to keep your air conditioning system running in top notch condition. Also, as an added bonus you will receive a 15% discount on any and all repair or service work needed while you are under a maintenance agreement with DS Air Conditioning, Inc.

Yearly preventive maintenance agreements starting at $155.00
One time maintenance visits starting at $75.00